Bruschetta Appetizer
A delectable fresh beginning to any special occasion
Fresh Fruit Platter
A Sweet intro to your special evening that everyone can enjoy!
Pita Appetizer
This is a light appetizer is sure to be a hit at any event.
Water Melon Fruit Platter
Add a little fancy to your special evening that everyone can enjoy!
Seasonal Spinach Salad
A fresh mix of spinach and other greens to match the season of the year!
Bacon over Eggs Dish
A Delicious combo of bacon and eggs
Crab Cake Main Course
Any one who loves seafood is sure to rave about this at your special event!
Broiled Filet of Salmon
A Broiled Filet of Salmon in a Mediterranean Veloute .
Season Fish Plate
Freshly prepared fish based on the season of the year!
Beef Short Ribs Dish
Tender Beef Short Ribs with golden potatoes!
Icecream with fruit
Icecream and fruit, a delicious duo!
Fruit Cake Dessert
Moist fruit cake. Great as dessert for any special occasion!
Dessert Croissant
This is a true crowd pleaser!
Chocolate Dessert Ball
It's hard to go wrong with chocolate!
Dessert Brownie
Oh the options to choose from!
Lemon Bar Dessert
Want a mix of tangy and sweet?
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